Designed to support developmental-care practices, the FlexiTrunk™ Interface range offers unique features.
Combining intelligent designs with functionality and comfort, the interface components make up an interface that will complement the F&P Bubble CPAP System as well as ventilator CPAP set-ups and other non-invasive ventilation devices.
The F&P Infant Interface consists of the FlexiTrunk Nasal Tubing, Nasal Prongs or Masks and Infant Bonnet or Head Gear. Chin Straps are also available to manage mouth leaks.



Installing the Flexitrunk Headgear and Chin Strap

Checking for Proper Balance and Positioning

A video on how to make sure the F&P Flexitrunk is properly balanced and the baby is properly positioned.

Flexitrunk Pressure Sore Management

Short video explaining how to manage and eliminate pressure sores associated with improper use of the Fisher & Paykel Flexi-trunk Patient Interface.